Social Concerns

As important to her, as her chant, family and friends, Liana is an activist for social causes.
With a particular care for the following:


Liana is an activist against gerontophobia (fear of ageing) and ageism (discrimination based on age, particularly experienced by seniors).
Doing her Master in Social Policy at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, her thesis researches possible alternative ways for ageing in the next years regarding health, financials and social relations.

Her “Embalo” national tour will have a social aim, on an intergenerational project created by her, directed to young people and seniors named “Fado e as cIDADES” (in Portuguese a pun with the words ages and cities).

Her new Videoclip includes images about this issue.

Animal Cause

A believer in the possibility of improved ethics for animals, Liana is an activist for the animals rights, being a vegetarian for 12 years.

Part of her new álbum profits, accrue to Associação Animal, of which she is associated and one of the supporters, together with other known Portuguese artistic names such as Pedro Abrunhosa, Sandra Cóias or Nuno Markl.


Liana is a patriot and believes that part of the necessary change to a better quality life in Portugal lies on the aware and active exercise of the right and duty of citizenship.

Liana was one of the representatives of the European year of Citizens 2013. The official closing of this event in Portugal, was with Liana’s concert at Palácio Foz.

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