• “Liana is an impressive and attractive singer”
    Andrew Cronshaw – Froots – (UK)
  • “Liana conquered my heart…  A neat, light and very beautiful voice in some of the finest moments of fado”
    Thomas Nydhal – Lyra (Sweden)
  • ”Heavenly voice of Liana”
    MazzMusikaS (Belgium)
  •  “…as she delivers her impassioned performance. Crashing through any language barriers, there can be little that you would hear that stirs your emotions quite like this”
    Mike Wilson – (UK)
  • “I´m not entirely sure of what saudade is, but I know it when I hear it and I hear a lot of it in Liana’s voice”
    Jamie Renton – Songlines – (UK)
  •  “La voix de Liana, d’une couleur et d’une tessiture à vous procurer des frissons dégage encore une émotion palpable »
    La Voix (Luxembourg)

Press Clips
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Stockholm Lisboa Project (more clips soon)

Musical “Amália”


                                    (more clips soon)


RTP National Song Festival

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